The world as we know it is changing. You only need to take a close look at the weather to see that we all need to do something fast. We must all make a conscious effort to be more mindful of the environment in every aspect of our lives. Some couples choose to do so for their Spain weddings and you can do the same too.

Considering greener options for your weddings in Spain is a great idea! Every year we witness the rise of eco-friendly Spain weddings and we’d like to point out that it doesn’t mean that you will have a simple style or have to miss out on the details that make your wedding fun. Your wedding can still be mind blowing and fun while you keep in eco-conscious. Here are a few tips to help you do just that. 

  • Plastic-Free Wedding Favors

There are so many options when it comes to plastic-free weddings in Spain favors that you could choose from. From plant-based beautiful soaps to succulents. When choosing your plastic-free favors, don’t forget to avoid the plastic, cellophane that is mostly used for packaging. A good rule to follow is that if it can’t be recycled, don’t use it.

  • Non-Plastic Fan and Accessories

The key is to go for options that can be used in more than one way. You can use a printable fan that doubles as the program for instance. Using non plastic items that are reusable for Spain weddings is the way that couples keep their wedding eco-friendly. 

  • Balloons Are A No-No

We know that they look very pretty, but they are also bad for the environment. Most times, they end up choking the oceans and being a danger to birds and fishes. Couples who want ecofriendly weddings in Spain opt to use flowers in place of balloons for their Spain weddings.

  • Signs and Decorations

Change your acrylic and plastic decorations for timber, bamboo or glass. They may cost a little bit more, but plastic takes about 1000 years to decompose depending on the type and even at that, doesn’t disappear completely. They are just reduced into smaller particles that stay on our planet forever. Couples who are thinking of having ecofriendly Spain weddings should be ready to spend a little more to keep the environment safe. 

  • Edible Cake Toppers

Having a completely edible cake topper instead of the usual plastic ones is better. Where you can’t get them or don’t want to have one, you can use beautifully designed timber or bamboo in place of the acrylic and plastic ones. That way, you can reduce the amount of plastic being produced that will end up in a landfill for centuries or somewhere in the ocean.

  • Biodegradable Confetti

The sustainable confetti trend is here to stay. Choose a flower, your favorite spice or leaves for your guests to throw at you. Avoid glitter, sequins and the normal confetti. There are even companies that are ready to ship you lovely biodegradable confetti for your weddings in Spain. These could be dried out petals that will still look amazing in your wedding pictures.

An eco-friendly Spain wedding is a great idea to help keep our environment safe. With the right wedding planner, you can help reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint by applying the ideas above. So, what do you say? Will you be having an ecofriendly wedding in Spain?

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