Spreading illusion among your wedding guests through magic is a good way to make that big day the most special day of your life. Hiring a professional Los Angeles magician for your wedding is one of the best options to add an authentic and original show. You want to know why?

Magic show for your wedding

Celebrating an original wedding can be difficult these days. We are at a time where innovation has become one of the key points in any event, so the best choice is to make your wedding be remembered by a special animation and different sensations where humor, music and surprise are the main impressions that your loved ones take away. We all want our big day to become an unforgettable date for all those close to us. There is no better way to do it than surprising the audience with a completely original magic show that has different tricks, totally unexpected by the guests.

Do you want us to help you?

A magic show for your wedding is the perfect option at any time of the wedding: from entertaining the guests during the cocktail party, handing out the wedding gifts, appearances by the bride and groom or rings at the ceremony, etc. Do not miss the opportunity to become the best host of your magical wedding. Make that special day the best event that your guests can remember for the rest of their lives.

Magic designed for weddings –

  • Magic of itinerant proximity during the cocktail or wedding banquet, with technical magic tricks designed for adults.
  • Participative show, presented with a fine, elegant and respectful humor.
  • Maximum prominence towards the bride and groom, magic tricks with personalized cards with their image.
  • Final show in large format with the bride and groom as protagonists
  • Petal showers, gift appearances, cold fire cannons, confetti and much more.

Custom magic shows for weddings

If you want to celebrate a different wedding and become the stars of the day, the best option is to bet on a personalized magic show for your wedding, with which the guests will enjoy and laugh throughout the show, leaving them an unforgettable memory that will last in time. The bride and groom can appear in a magical and unexpected way, leaving the attendees completely surprised. Or if you prefer,, it may be the rings that appear suddenly. It’s up to you. Offer your friends and family the best close-up magic show, where manipulation will be our greatest ally, or a show of great illusions, to leave the guests speechless with a show that will include large objects. Another very special option is to make the invitations for your wedding are magical, creating a greater expectation for wedding guests.


Be it a magic performance at a company event, a birthday, a communion or a wedding, a professional magician can adapts to any situation. They know how to fully adapt to your audience with the best different and complex magic tricks that you have ever seen or known. Do not wait more. Choose a magic show for your wedding and make your guests have a great time on that special day.

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