The photo booth has come a long way from the old-school, black-and-white photo strips many of us remember from mall kiosks and arcade venues. Today’s wedding photo booths use the latest digital photography, printing, and video technology to capture memories from your special day in fresh new ways.

Touchscreen operation 

Gone are the days of tedious buttons and dials. Most modern photo booths feature large format touch screens ranging from 32 to over 60 inches. Touchscreens provide an intuitive, responsive interface that guests will find easy to operate. Expect gesture features like swiping, pinch/zoom, two-finger taps, etc. Modern touch glass also eliminates the unsightly appearance of fingerprints. Photo booths integrate names, dates, custom artwork, or other unique graphics designed around the wedding theme. Some even allow snapshots from earlier in the ceremony or reception to appear as templates in subsequent pictures. The days of boring studio backdrops are over!  

Instagram worthy design  

Today’s brides want more than tacky plastic enclosures when it comes to booth aesthetics. Look for open-air kiosks, soft curtains instead of doors, and other stylish concepts. Tenting and lighting should coordinate with reception hall decor. Many new photo booths resemble a tiny Hollywood set! The goal is to take social media selfie stations to the next level. In addition to snapshots, guests create 3 to 5-minute stop-motion shorts. Compiled from hundreds of individual pictures stitched together, short videos let guests get goofy with handheld props or make heartfelt good wishes for the bride & groom. Easy to text or post online, short videos never get old when you see sequences come to life.  

Double the capacity

Standard booths cram 4 to 5 guests inside, while newer models using video or green screen tech comfortably fit 8 or more. Open-air kiosks also accommodate big groups. Not only does this allow for larger families, but entire wedding parties capture group moments. Even bridal portraits are easier without leaving the reception hall. You live in an instant gratification culture. People want to share wedding photo booth pics immediately, not weeks later when the DVD arrives in the mail. Modern booths connect wirelessly with easy tap-to-share options for major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some even offer customized hashtag integration specific to each event. Sharing gives guests something fun to do while they wait for the cake-cutting or dances. Visit to get more detail.

Sleek Hardware  

Say goodbye to big bulky boxes. The latest hardware incorporates slender profiles complementary to elegant wedding aesthetics. Thin panels mounted on aluminum framing are much more attractive and fit through standard-size doorways and tight vendor access routes. Fixtures come with reversible wraps to reveal alternate color schemes matching different on-theme events in one weekend. Take customization to the next level with built-in green screens. Instead of generic backdrops, subjects choose fun-themed templates to appear inside. Picture yourselves on the moon, underwater with mermaids, out west, or anywhere imaginable! Toggle different templates while the photos sequence for added fun. Only practical with digital photo booths, green screen tech breaks creative possibilities wide open.  

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