A good piece of jewelry can be made, but the amount of time and effort that goes into it is more than one might think. Usually, the most expensive and most sentimental piece of jewelry a woman will ever own is her engagement ring. A lot of women wear their ring all of the time, but occasionally it’s sensible to take off your ring.

For instance, it is advisable to remove engagement rings before employing harsh chemicals. Swimming, housecleaning, and even taking a shower are listed because some bodywashes could be hazardous. Taking your ring off before going to sleep at night is another smart step. Some people prefer to sleep with their rings on, but there are certain disadvantages. It accumulates sweat and grease over time, pulls hair, and catches on pillows and other things.

There is much sentimental importance with your ring, so handle it delicately. To keep it secure, think about purchasing something safe to store your ring in. You have a variety of storage options at your disposal to keep your ring protected. Keep one in your bedroom and one in the kitchen as a reminder to take it off before cleaning or sleeping.

Does it matter if you wear your ring to wash your hands? If you’re using a mild soap, there should be no need for you to take off your ring. In order to clean at home, all you really need is a little dish soap and warm water. The antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers’ chemicals could gradually dull and discolor the ring. The prongs holding your stone could become loose as a result, allowing the stone to slip out.

To regularly inspect and adjust the prongs is the most important piece of advice we can offer, which takes us to our first recommendation. Examine the ring attentively to see whether its condition has changed before a big night out or after cleaning it. You might want to think about taking it into a professional jeweler for an expert assessment if something concerns you. Some companies offer an annual “prong check” for free or at a very modest fee. To keep your engagement ring looking its best, have the jeweler give it a professional cleaning.

You’ll be able to keep your ring looking brand new by adhering to a maintenance regimen. Below is an infographic with suggestions for cleaning and other maintenance.