Many people think erroneously that the cost of a wedding or “costo catering matrimonio”, as the Italians say, is much more expensive in Italy than in the US. How much truth is in this claim? If you’re thinking of having a big destination wedding in Italy, then you need to take a look at the cost comparisons before you decide.

Catering & Wedding Reception

Undoubtedly, one of the largest costs that you’ll incur is that of the catering and the reception itself. Italian catering may be slightly more expensive that US catering, but you will have the satisfaction of serving the most exquisite food to your wedding guests. Linens, table settings and waitstaff costs are all included in the per-person cost.

Summary: €100-200/person in Italy VS $40-$160/person + beverages

Wedding Photographer & Videographer

All weddings need to be documented and the proceedings need to be taken down faithfully and viewed later on. If you’re going to be having a wedding in Italian, it’s a good idea to hire a local pro to handle your wedding. They’ll be able to handle your needs without any issues.

Summary: Photographers and videographers start at a flat rate of €1500. In the US, you will need to fork out $5,000 to $8,0000.

Stylists and Florals

Depending on what kind of makeup and hair you want, bridal getups will cost you €500 in total. Most picturesque wedding destinations in Italy are remote, so you’ll have to arrange for travel and residence for your stylists. Bridesmaids will cost you around €60 per person. The cost for their hairdo will depend on what kind of hairdo you want.

Floral arrangements have to be thought of as well, since weddings cannot be dreamt of without flowers. Bridal bouquets, bouquets for bridesmaids, venue decoration, etc. will all need flowers. In Italy, a bridal bouquet will cost you €100 and bridesmaid bouquets will cost you €50. Season florals, satin ribbons, open-end stems, etc. are all counted in this.

Summary: $200-400 for bridal makeup & $40-90/bridesmaid makeup. Bridal bouquets will cost you $75-400 and bridesmaid bouquets will cost $30-100.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planners typically take 10% of the total wedding cost. This rate is the same in Italy and the US. It would be better to hire the services of Italian wedding planners as they have great local connections.


This has been an in-depth comparison of the wedding costs that you would face in Italy and the US.