For couples who love exploring national parks, Montana in the United States has to offer a brilliant option of the national park that falls along the border of Canada and the US. A honeymoon in this national park is the ideal combination of romance, adventure, scenic beauty, and enjoyable activities. There are too many things to do and awesome places to stay for a perfect and memorable honeymoon trip.

Glacier National Park is famous for its huge mountainous terrain which is covered by 700 lakes and much more natural scenic beauty. They want people should visit national parks and explore them to learn more about their value. 

Top things to do for the National Park honeymoon

This large park in Montana is home to the best things to do, whether you desire a leisurely, relaxed romantic getaway or an exciting and adventurous honeymoon.

Kayaking with your love on Lake McDonald

One of the best lakes around this National Park is Lake McDonald where you can enjoy kayaking in the clear and blue water. Kayaks are easily available for rent for a few hours to have fun. 

Make stops along the many beaches, explore the hidden coves and caves, and take in the view of the crystal-clear ocean and vibrant rocks. Don’t miss the sunset boat cruises if you’re staying close to Flathead Lake to relax, enjoy live music in a bar and watch the gorgeous sunset over Montana’s largest lake. 


With more than 700 trails in this park, you cannot miss hiking, which is also a main reason for choosing Glacier Park as a honeymoon destination. 

  • The Grinnell Glacier hike gives you a chance to spot amazing wildlife and a few lakes.
  • The Trail of the Cedars gives an incredible view of Avalanche Lake.
  • The Highline trail is worth trying for viewing the beautiful Glacier.

Chasing the waterfalls

The number of romantic falls makes this national park ideal for a honeymoon. 

  • You will be taken aback by the magnificent beauty of Mary Falls.
  • The Rockwell Falls and Aster Falls are two stunning waterfalls that should not be missed.

Witness the sunrise and sunset

Get cosy with your love on the hotel’s terrace to witness the sunrise from the coast of Lake Swift current that illuminates the mountains. Since there is hardly any pollution, it gives you the chance to watch an incredible star gazing night. Enjoy the star-lit night with your partner from the various spots in the park. 

Summer is the best time to visit Glacier National Park though it is the busiest time of the year. It is gorgeous and cooler during fall with fewer people but some roads and lodges might remain closed. Make the most of your romantic getaway in National Park to create unforgettable moments. However, it is recommended that you research, study and pack for your holiday stay at the national pack. It is one of the best places honeymooners can visit to create memorable memories.