Wedding, the marriage process is one of the most significant events in the life of lovers. And they wish that pleasant, joyful and happy moments from this event were interesting, very bright and imprinted in their memory, and each invited guest for a long time.

Invitations, Announcements, and Photo Cards | Basic Invite

A wedding is a very costly event, so young people should learn to plan their budget. The first stage in preparation for the wedding, as well as the hallmark of young people, is a Marriage invitation. It is this festive postcard that gives the guest a first glimpse of the upcoming wonderful celebration with the save the date template and gives a feeling of his own significance of his presence on this day.

Basic Invite Offer the best invitations, photos, postCard and Magnet. It will remain not only in memory, but also in the form of various Feelings, photos, videos, unusual original gifts, etc., which will eventually remain after the day. You can design your marriage invitation very easily and quickly. The hassle and preparation for the wedding is an exciting process, and it always begins long before the date of the event, for some couples in love it goes off scale for a year. And this is not surprising, because not a small amount of money is required to translate everything that was conceived into reality.

Wedding Invitation Tips

It is important to note that there are certain etiquette rules for invitation messages:

  • you should not use the official style of speech for inviting friends and relatives, this style is suitable for colleagues at work, colleagues and partners;
  • it is better to enter the surname, name and patronymic with your own hand;
  • humorous style will surely be appreciated by those who like to joke;
  • if initially the person was already notified of the event by SMS or phone, or by other means, he still needs to hand over the invitation letter;
  • For kindred spirits and close friends, an invitation will do, with warm, cozy words, which will evoke good sentimentality and move hearts. Some people, especially the parents of the newlyweds, keep this memory for many years, and at each anniversary they take out invitations, making another toast, shouting “bitterly”;
  • for beloved grandparents, as well as the elderly, invitations in poetic form are suitable;
  • The invitation letter must necessarily contain: date, address, time and place where they will celebrate. If the celebration consists of several parts, then it is necessary to paint the name of all, their time and place of occurrence. This is necessary because some guests may join the party later for various valid reasons. And so that they do not finally miss the day, they must be well oriented, informed and assembled to arrive at the actual place. For them, this item will be very important and useful.
  • It is imperative to notify the invitees in advance, at least a few days in advance, so that by this time they have time to redo all their affairs, finish the accumulated work, take a vacation, or take time off.

In order for the invitation cards to become truly unique and the most unusual, you need to think over everything to the smallest detail in their creation, so that your guests will take their breath away from the interest and expectation of the day. And at the same time, this will be reflected in their positive mood, which, of course, is also important. Do not forget that the invitation is the face of the day of your whole life.

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