Planning a wedding involves endless things, which also include designing your wedding invitations. This not only keeps the costs down but adds a more personal touch. However, even while designing a wedding card, one of the tedious tasks is to collect wedding addresses.

No wonder this can be done on google forms and google sheets, but luckily you have some good designers who know better ways to do the job of collecting and exporting the addresses. One such app is My Invite List which is a free address collection service provider. They design wedding cards with the help of their partners, The Invitation Maker, and Utah Announcements. The site provides additional options for customizing, collecting addresses for wedding invitations, and exporting the addresses of the invitees.

Creating wedding invitations from scratch


Choosing the right layout and dimensions are the basic things before you start designing your wedding invitation card from scratch.

  • Consider designing the theme and design of the locationwhere you will be getting married whether in a church, country or farmhouse, or a beach destination.
  • Choose cursive or calligraphy fonts to give a soft and romantic touch.
  • You can put up a photo of yourselves on the invitation to showcase your passionate love to friends and family.
  • Try some unique format for imbibing a visual interest into your invite.
  • Go for tried and tested colors like green paired with rust or gold.
  • Follow the etiquette and personal rules while filling out the wedding invites.
  • Try to incorporate what makes you a perfect couple by offering a more personalized feeling to your wedding invite.
  • Include the save-the-date option so that it gives your guests notice to block the date in their calendar.
  • Usually, eight to twelve months is fine for destination weddings and four months for local weddings.

Customized options also offer an easy way to prepare your wedding invite. Just fill in the template the way you want and your wedding invitation is ready to be delivered.