Italy is considered as one of the best countries to have a destination wedding. The country is full of astonishing places and various wedding venues to have a memorable wedding ceremony. Not only the couple, but the guests will also get an unforgettable experience of attending an offshore wedding. Italy’s food, weather, and several other factors comprise a great wedding ceremony. If you’re planning to get married in Italy, you must some of the best locations in the country. With that being said, let’s take a look at them:

Lake Garda

What else can be more interesting and unique than getting married beside a lake? Lake Garda is the largest lake in Northern Italy and it is a very popular wedding venue. A Lake Garda wedding is enough to make you feel mesmerized and your guests will have a good time too. Also, it is the best option when it comes to selecting an outdoor wedding location.


Getting married in the Dolomites is a dream of several couples and the reason behind that is the presence of romantic castles. The Dolomites is the best wedding venue for those looking forward to having an incredibly scenic wedding ceremony. The view of mountains covered by snow and nature walks makes it the perfect venue for any weather. Some couples select the Dolomites as their honeymoon destination too as it is full of romantic destinations as well as winter sports.

South Tyrol

South Tyrol is present in the north of Italy and it is the best venue for couples looking forward to a mountain wedding. Traditions play a huge part in the wedding ceremonies being held in South Tyrol. The reason why many couples choose South Tyrol as the wedding venue is the presence of multiple mountain peaks, rocky hideaways, beautiful lakes, and several other things that make it the best location to get married in Italy.


Being one of the best places in Italy to get married, Florence is the hometown of several artists that were in this beautiful country. The place gives you a vintage feel as it is full of ancient villas, palaces, and gardens. One of the greatest cathedrals of Italy is also present in Florence, if you’re willing to make your wedding historic, go for it!

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is a place where you can get good food, beautiful views, excellent wine, a relaxing climate, and hospitality at an affordable price. It is the best wedding venue for couples tight on budget and looking for a location that is beautiful yet pocket-friendly. Amalfi Coast is full of lavish hotels and cheap wedding venues so don’t have to worry about the budget.

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