If you’re the sort of person that likes to do things a little different, we’ve got you covered. It’s so tempting to follow the rulebook when it comes to your wedding and do everything in the most straightforward and traditional way, but putting your stamp on the big day can be fun.

Don’t invite anyone!

One of the most stressful things about getting married is that you have to invite everyone you know and go through those awkward conversations of who and who not to ask to come to the main event. Instead, read more here at EireTrip why not elope and get married to your other half in secret, telling your friends and family when the deed’s already done? It’ll take all of the pressure off of you and you can enjoy your special day with your loved one, without the worry of awkward chats.

Invite the dog

Sounds silly, but worth considering. Bringing the pets along to your wedding day can be a lot of fun and allow you to do something that your friends and family wouldn’t think of. You could even get your dog to walk the rings down the aisle, or have your pooches get married, too!

Get married at your favorite place

Sure, we all get married somewhere we love, right? No – what if you were a rollercoaster fanatic, or you loved rock music gigs? Getting married somewhere totally unique can be good fun and allow you to celebrate your day in a way nobody will forget. One couple in the UK tied the knot on Oakwood’s wooden rollercoaster Megafobia in Wales – why not do the same? Other ideas include airplanes, bungee jumps, or perhaps even on a USA road trip?  

Mix it up with the rings

Instead of buying a traditional wedding ring, why not buy your other half something a little more romantic and unusual, like the stunning Claddagh ring? These rings not only look beautiful but they’re steeped in tradition and history, allowing you to dedicate your love, loyalty, and friendship to your other half through jewelry. Shop around to find a style that works for you – or even consider getting tattoos instead of traditional wedding bands. 

Sing it

Rather than reciting your vows, why not sing them? Turn your vows into a love song and perform for your partner and their family if you think you can handle or, or turn it into a cute but oh-so-sickly duet. Instead, get a friend or your favorite singer to perform at the venue. 

Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck in your new marraige. Congratulations!