There’s no denying that you have great hopes for the big day as a bride. You’d typically want to make sure everything is perfect. In this case, selecting a wedding planner in Singapore with whom you share a good working relationship and open lines of communication should be your first concern.

Before making a final decision, having conversations with multiple wedding coordinator candidates is essential.

1. Can I count on you to be committed on my wedding date?

Wedding planning in Singapore is not as easy as it seems. Depending on the details you’d want for your big day, it will need a total commitment. Make sure you know how many other weddings the planner anticipates juggling along with yours.

2. How extensive are your services?

Establishing the details and inclusions in their wedding planning services is crucial. You must lay down your requirements for a wedding coordinator and then inquire whether they offer a service that meets those specifications.

3. What venues have you handled before?

The tasks involved in organising a wedding at a hotel and one at the beach are dissimilar. Make sure you look for a wedding coordinator in Singapore who has already held wedding events in similar settings.

4. Can you manage my limited budget?

To determine if your wedding falls within the planner’s pricing range, you can ask about the typical cost of the weddings they have planned in the past. Make sure you work with a trusted wedding planner in Singapore that finds ways to work with your budget.

5. Do you have a list of recommended suppliers?

The benefit of working with a wedding planner is the contacts they can make on your behalf. It’s best to choose a wedding coordinator who has established ties with any of the vendors.

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