Want to buy a condo from one pearl bank – what essential budget-friendly things to know about?

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that condos are made for an individual or for a single-family. If in case any is looking for a condo to stay with their big families, drop out the plan. As there is not enough space present for a big family to stay there. Now for those who are looking to buy a condo from 1 pearl bank capitaland then don’t worry because you are going to make a wise move.

The looking of condos of one pearl is iconic, and the service providers grant all the things and facilities which are necessary for the survival. If anyone is thinking to buy a condo from one pearl bank association, there are many things from which one should be aware of. In the post, we will break down those things from which the person should go through before buying so that they can make a better purchase.

Things to know:-

Price of property

The land-based price of one pearl bank capitaland is $1515 per square foot, which is made for the gross floor area. The estimated price is probably $2425 per square feet. No doubt, prices are a little bit higher, but one pearl bank condos are located with a short walk distance to china town and to the MRT station as well.

Rented rates

The rented rate for the condo in one pearl bank is $3750 per month. Other than this, when it comes to estimating the price according to the square foot, then it will be $4.74 per square foot. The development and looking of the land is so beautiful, which makes it cost this much at least.

Now check out your budget and look that buying condo from 1 pearl bank capitaland will suit to the requirements or not.